Sunday, January 13, 2008


Oscar and I are both committed to improving our health this year, on many fronts. It has already made a difference.
Oscar began using his high-wattage lights during his bath, and his S.A.D. is not much in evidence at all this winter. He sings, and smiles, and is mostly happy.
We both made a commitment to eat more healthy meals, and that has gleaned an additional 7 pound weight loss for Oscar this month, and 4 pounds gone for me. Not bad for the sedentary life we had these past few weeks.
We have been battling illness, and it took all our energy just to keep the house going and make doctors appointments.
When my UTI showed up three times in two weeks, it was time to go on antibiotics. I rarely use antibiotics, as I need to save them for big stuff. If I take them every time I have a minor infection 1. I'd be on them all the time and 2. they would lose effectiveness and not work when something becomes life-threatening.
I was really hoping that they would get rid of my mysterious fever/high white blood cell count/ minor infections, but that's not what happened.
I had two blessed days fever-free, then the fever returned. My sinus infection is going strong today, my abdominal pain is back, in two 'hot spot' locations, and of course the fever is here too.
The UTI is not back, though, which is really good.
My appointment with the gastro intestinal specialist is Thursday. I don't know what input he will have on a chronic infection, but we'll see.
Another step toward health is for me to get the entire body of my medical record from U of M hospital. I need to know how big the mesh is, to know if the infected area shown by the indium scan is involved. I'm afraid more tests are in my future from the new specialist, but if it ends up with me being healthier, it will be worth is.
Being ill every day is really messing with my life's goals, eh? I hate the muddle-headedness. It is hard to write anything of substance fiction-wise, but I will NOT give up.
It is also hard to knit for Lynnie's pattern, as I keep making mistakes and having to 'Tink" (knit spelled backwards).
I managed a few more rows this morning, but now the fever is climbing, and its time to stitch to a dead-simple project.
Anyway, if you've read this far, thanks for listening to my moans.

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Marietta said...

YAY on the weight loss, healthy eating, and no SAD for Oscar!!!

:(( on the icky health stuff. I'm so there. (((hugs)))