Monday, December 31, 2007


We did it! We went swimming, and we will go swimming again on Thursday.
It really tired me out. Of course we went shopping immediately after, which put the garnish on it for me. I was wiped out for two days. Of course then I had to get ready for my family to come (their first visit to my house) so I over did that, then I of course decided making lamb stew would be a good idea, despite already being overextended. Sheesh. I thought I'd gotten over the overdoing thing.
Today, the (poorly made) lamb stew is in the fridge and I won't try to fiddle with it at least until tomorrow.
I've also got my bear pendant around my neck, reminding me of self-protection. (thanks Ysabeau!)
My family visit consisted of my mom and brother Kenny, and they are not critical of housekeeping, and we made it through.
Swimming is worth giving up all the other activities for the next two days. It really is.
This was a short session, but it still was difficult physically, and emotionally.
It is possible that as time goes on, each time I swim will take less out of me.
That or the specialist I see on the 17th will find a solution to the perpetual fevers etc.
Since swimming, I have been making even healthier eating choices.
Part of that is that I was hurting so much that food was NOT appealing. I don't recommend this as a diet tip.
But the benefit is now my portion size is smaller. Since I have not eaten much at a time since Friday, my stomach is satisfied with less, especially if I eat slowly.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Finding inspiration

Biggest Loser had a marathon yesterday.
I caught about half a show a few years back in the first season, and the cruelty to the contestants (by the other contestants) determined me to never watch the show again.
Yesterday I caught a few minutes here and there as I changed from pre-recorded show to pre-recorded show and got caught up in their journey.
The show has changed.
It is presented with honesty, which is not always pretty, but it focuses on the tremendous quest back to health these people are making. It does not focus on appearance, but on health, and does not include surgical solutions.
The winner of the 2007 season? He began weighing almost 60 pounds more than I do.
Next season (beginning next week) the show features couples supporting one another. A husband and wife, two best friends, and a mother and son, for example.
Yep, I'll watch it, and any other show that can provide me with renewed optimism and fortitude.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to get serious again

This all about self improvement, focusing mainly on health, but other areas may creep in as well.
I have a long hard battle to fight.
It is life threatening, but (thank all the Gods) not incurable.
I am morbidly obese (I hate that word, 'morbidly').
I am approximately 200 pounds heavier than is best for me.
I can't look at all 200 pounds at once, or it will stall me in my tracks.
One pound at a time, eh?
My main challenge is my limited exercise capabilities (severe arthritis, no walkies for me), and my fear of driving (still getting used to the hand controls, its been a year, time to get over it!)
The lack of exercise is easily overcome once I brave up and start going to our rec center alone. I can swim as many times a week as I want to.
I am also fighting a mysterious infection that has me feverish and tired a lot of the time, but I need to ignore that for now, and start by swimming at least once a week. More later as I gain strength.
I have an appointment mid January which will either provide some answers about the high wbc & fevers, or let me know just to learn to live with it.
In truth, swimming as many times as I can is the only path I have to good solid exercise. No matter how fast I knit it is NOT an aerobic exercise :-}

So, I will post here, and be my own cheering section. Anyone else is welcome to cheer me on too :-}