Friday, December 28, 2007

Finding inspiration

Biggest Loser had a marathon yesterday.
I caught about half a show a few years back in the first season, and the cruelty to the contestants (by the other contestants) determined me to never watch the show again.
Yesterday I caught a few minutes here and there as I changed from pre-recorded show to pre-recorded show and got caught up in their journey.
The show has changed.
It is presented with honesty, which is not always pretty, but it focuses on the tremendous quest back to health these people are making. It does not focus on appearance, but on health, and does not include surgical solutions.
The winner of the 2007 season? He began weighing almost 60 pounds more than I do.
Next season (beginning next week) the show features couples supporting one another. A husband and wife, two best friends, and a mother and son, for example.
Yep, I'll watch it, and any other show that can provide me with renewed optimism and fortitude.

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