Monday, December 31, 2007


We did it! We went swimming, and we will go swimming again on Thursday.
It really tired me out. Of course we went shopping immediately after, which put the garnish on it for me. I was wiped out for two days. Of course then I had to get ready for my family to come (their first visit to my house) so I over did that, then I of course decided making lamb stew would be a good idea, despite already being overextended. Sheesh. I thought I'd gotten over the overdoing thing.
Today, the (poorly made) lamb stew is in the fridge and I won't try to fiddle with it at least until tomorrow.
I've also got my bear pendant around my neck, reminding me of self-protection. (thanks Ysabeau!)
My family visit consisted of my mom and brother Kenny, and they are not critical of housekeeping, and we made it through.
Swimming is worth giving up all the other activities for the next two days. It really is.
This was a short session, but it still was difficult physically, and emotionally.
It is possible that as time goes on, each time I swim will take less out of me.
That or the specialist I see on the 17th will find a solution to the perpetual fevers etc.
Since swimming, I have been making even healthier eating choices.
Part of that is that I was hurting so much that food was NOT appealing. I don't recommend this as a diet tip.
But the benefit is now my portion size is smaller. Since I have not eaten much at a time since Friday, my stomach is satisfied with less, especially if I eat slowly.

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