Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time to get serious again

This all about self improvement, focusing mainly on health, but other areas may creep in as well.
I have a long hard battle to fight.
It is life threatening, but (thank all the Gods) not incurable.
I am morbidly obese (I hate that word, 'morbidly').
I am approximately 200 pounds heavier than is best for me.
I can't look at all 200 pounds at once, or it will stall me in my tracks.
One pound at a time, eh?
My main challenge is my limited exercise capabilities (severe arthritis, no walkies for me), and my fear of driving (still getting used to the hand controls, its been a year, time to get over it!)
The lack of exercise is easily overcome once I brave up and start going to our rec center alone. I can swim as many times a week as I want to.
I am also fighting a mysterious infection that has me feverish and tired a lot of the time, but I need to ignore that for now, and start by swimming at least once a week. More later as I gain strength.
I have an appointment mid January which will either provide some answers about the high wbc & fevers, or let me know just to learn to live with it.
In truth, swimming as many times as I can is the only path I have to good solid exercise. No matter how fast I knit it is NOT an aerobic exercise :-}

So, I will post here, and be my own cheering section. Anyone else is welcome to cheer me on too :-}


ColorJoy LynnH said...

I am happy to be your first cheering fan.

Hugs, Lynnie

Marietta said...

I'm here cheering for you as well! Otterpower!!!!!!!!

Ysabeau said...

Great! Just a tiny bit at a time, and see how much patience you can scrounge up, and you will feel a little better all the time. Hugs, Ysabeau

Lynx said...

Dusty! Dusty! RAH RAH RAH!!!!!